The Super Agent: Real Estate Success at the Highest Level

The Super Agent: Real Estate Success at the Highest Level

Super Agent is the best and most comprehensive book I’ve read on what real estate agents do, how to do it, and why. The Callaways explain where to find buyers and sellers and how to work with them, what activities are most productive, budgeting funds when building a business, the necessity of strong affiliate relationships, loyalty considerations, social media and advertising that works, developing a strong referral network and much more. This is a book that every real estate agent should own. Marge Lindsay, West USA Realty, Past President of the Arizona Association of Realtors In the course of reading Super Agent , I realized that after 10 years of my own real estate career, I am one of those agents who has become distracted by the next shiny object. Super Agent lays out all the fundamentals you really need to focus on to become the Super Agents that the Callaways are today. As Joseph says after each chapter, You can do this! And you know what? After 10 years in the business and reading this book, I am now saying, Yes I can!Richie Laser, Realtor, President and CEO, Follow Up Results Reading Super Agent is like spending a day with two of the most successful real estate agents in America. Joseph and JoAnn Callaway sell 300 to 500 high-end homes per year. Now they share the secrets of their incredible success. Based on those Callaways core concepts of honesty, competence, and caring, Super Agent is filled with practical, money-making advice that will turn beginner and veteran real estate agent alike into a Super Agent. Every chapter is a lesson in the fundamentals of listing and selling more real, including: the five superpowers that make you a super agent; the secrets of super time management, how best to use assistants, and how to run a super team; and the two quick fixes that can double your income overnight without so much as one new client. With tested tips and tactics and a unique and positive approach, Super Agent will inspire and propel you to build a steady s

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