Property Asset Management

Property Asset Management

Property asset management involves both the day to day oversight of rental properties as well as an ability to maximise the potential of the portfolio through forward thinking and practical planning. To be successful in property management, the individuals must be flexible and proactive while having a robust knowledge of technical, financial and legal aspects of the leasing system. These managers can have clients ranging from the individual property owner to large international commercial ventures. In Property Asset Management Douglas Scarrett sets out the principles and practice of managing properties for these disparate clients and their varying needs. As well as the basic theory, the book discusses the process of active management, the strategic objectives, performance measurement and the various financial and operational information to enable comprehensive reporting of a high quality. Software screenshots illustrate salient points. This third edition has been extensively rewritten to include developments in property management since the last edition in 1995, especially in the changing nature of the landlord tenant relationship. Scarrett is an experienced academic and professional who has created a practical guide for all those involved in the management of property. It has additionally been written to cater for the needs of RICS accredited and business courses provided by Universities in the UK and overseas. This book also provides readers with an overview of the legal aspects of land ownership and tenancy arrangements.

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