Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate

Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate

Hardcover. Pub date: 2004 08 Pages: 400 Publisher: Portfolio Hardcover Are you new to real estate and want to Learn the basics from the ground up Are you already a Seasoned Professional but not earning the income you’d like Are you in a sales rut. looking for a burst of inspiration If so. look no further. One of the foremost real estate experts in the world. Tom Hopkins has written the classic book on effective and lucrative real estate sales. His time-tested strategies continue to guide every professional real estate agent. from the most inexperienced licensee to the veteran agent. on the path to great success and profits. In this revised edition. Hopkins will teach you what it takes to go from good to great. from an average agent to a listing and selling champion. One particular quality. he says. that separates the average from the great can be expressed in one word – desi…

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